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September 2019

New grant applicants in Hairdressing, and all beauty therapists (beauticians, nail technicians etc) are not being considered for grants at the moment.

However, new applications from the 'building trades' will now be considered!

May 2019

Due to the high number of successful applicants from the 'building trade' in the past 12 months, the Bideford Bridge Trust are unlikely to accept further grant applications from these tradesmen for the next 12 months.

February 2019

New grant applicants in Hairdressing are not being considered before next September (see below). The Bideford Bridge Trust has now added all beauty therapists to this list (beuticians, nail technicians etc).  Therefore, applicants for beauty therapy businesses will not be considered for the next 12 months.

December 2018

The business start-up grant programme will re-commence in January 2019.

The Bideford Bridge Trust has increased the grant budget by 20% for 2019.

Applicants are urged to make early contact as the demand remains high and applicants are submitted on a 'first come - first serve' basis.

October 2018

There will be no more business start-up grants awarded in 2018. 

The programme will commence again in January 2019 and it is anticipated that there will be a high level of demand.

Applications are dealt with on a 'first come first serve' basis, so those considering applying shouldn't delay.

September 2018

The Bideford Bridge Trust has awarded a number of start-up grants to applicants wishing to start hairdressing businesses in recent years and want these to have the time to get established.  They have, therefore, decided that they will not award any further grants to hairdressing start-ups for the next 12 months.  This will be reviewed again in September 2019.

July 2017

The Bideford Bridge Trust has clarified some of its eligibility rules for applicants to the start-Up grant programme.

Applications from unemployed people are particularly welcome, however:

·         Applicants can be employed as long as they are leaving their employment to operate the business, or are planning to reduce their employment hours and become fully engaged on the business at the earliest opportunity.

·         Applicants that are employed and not intending to leave their job and move towards becoming fully engaged with the business should be intending to employ an unemployed person by the end of their first year (evidence that this is most likely will be required).

Also, potential applicants to the Bideford Bridge Trust Start-Up Grant Programme should be aware that, until further notice, the trustees will only consider three applications each month.  Due to the high number of applicants, this will mean that there will be a longer time period than usual between initial contact and grant outcome.

 May 2017

The Start-Up programme was originally aimed at helping unemployed people. Over the years this has evolved into supporting some people who are employed but are looking to set up a business with the intention of being full time employed on the business either immediately, or once the business has become established.

The Bideford Bridge Trust are currently reviewing their policy with regard to the eligibility of those applicants that are currently in employment - a decision will be announced in early July 2017.

September 2015

The Bideford Business Start-up Programme was originally aimed at  pre-startups and, therefore, businesses that had already started trading were not eligible to apply.

In recent years it has been recognised that support should also be provided for those new start-ups that could identify expenditure needs, whilst demonstrating potential demand for their product or service. Trustees have now decided that applicants that have not been trading for more than 3 months at the time of submitting their Business Plans to Mike Lillis will be eligible to apply for a grant.


July 2014

 Notice regarding Bideford Bridge Trust Start-Up Programme

Over the years, the Trust has awarded grants to a wide range of businesses in Bideford and the surrounding area.

Clearly the trustees are keen that those businesses awarded a grant go on to become established and successful. It is aware that awarding grants to similar, potentially competing, businesses within a similar time frame could impact on both and be detrimental to all.

The trust, therefore, on occasions decide to not award business start-up grants to those in certain sectors where they might conflict with other recent applicants whose grant applications were successful.  

As part of this policy No grants will be awarded to new applicants looking to start a gardening business for the next 12 months